Full-time Prison Ministry!!

Wayburn_Janae_Trans2010 was our first experience in prison ministry. Janae and I were invited to tour a few prisons in Michigan, leading worship and special music for the late Chuck Colson founder of Prison Fellowship and former White House aid to Richard Nixon. Since then we have volunteered our time performing concerts in prisons across Michigan. We have seen a great harvest in prisons and because of this, we are called to full-time prison ministry. We have witnessed the scriptures come to life in prisons, and so it is that we will use our gifts and talents to spread God’s message there. Our desire is to bring as many to Christ as possible through music and message. God has allowed us to be a part as men are coming to Christ and this fulfills our true purpose on this earth. Ecc. 12:13 says: “Now all has been heard, HERE IS THE CONCLUSION OF THE MATTER…FEAR GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS, FOR THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN…

Now, we will not completely ignore music ministry across the country, we will continue to do recordings and concerts in that way. However, we will  primarily focus our efforts on prison ministry.


Afterword Music Ministry has developed a program called INSIDE PRISON MINISTRY, which focuses on sharing the gospel in song and message to the forgotten men behind bars. We will concentrate our efforts first in the state of Michigan as our state has over 23 state and or federal prisons. Our focus is not in the jails, because there isn’t a venue for concerts in jails normally.


When we do normal concerts, there are several income streams. Churches and promoters pay honorariums, there are CD sales, ticket sales etc. In prison however, none of these income streams exist. So, we are depending on God’s people to join us in this incredible endeavor. We are grateful to many who have supported us thus far. Please pray for us that God will provide in this necessary and fruitful effort to share the gospel in song and message with the lost and those wonderful believers in prison.

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