• Janae’s Inside Report: Ionia Correctional Facility (06-25-22)

    Dear Friends, Oh what a wonderful day…..such a sweet reunion with our Christian brothers in Ionia Correctional Facility. Jerry and Kathy Wittingen, Brother Ren Broekhuizen, Wayburn, and I were all so excited after such a long wait during the covid pandemic for permission by the state to return. There were

  • Covid 19

    We have all felt the effect of Covid 19 over the last year and a half. Prisoners have been affected in a very real and personal way. Please pray for those behind bars as hopefully very soon we will have the pandemic behind us.

  • God calls us to seek Him

    During this very disturbing and confusing time in our nation, Janae and I wanted to thank you for your faithfulness to God. This is THE time when God wants us to look for Him. Please be reminded that He loves you and He is still on the throne. He will

  • “Key to Freedom” — 2019 Annual Banquet

    It is our privilege to invite you to the 5th annual Afterword Music / Inside Prison Ministries banquet, on Thursday, November 7th, taking place at the Salvation Army Kroc Center. Come and hear the stories of what God is doing in the hearts of men behind bars, as they experience

  • “Free Inside” — 2018 Annual Banquet

    Come and hear the stories of how men are becoming “free inside” through God’s message and music!  Wayburn Dean will perform songs from a new Christmas album, and you’ll hear testimonies from former prisoners. Come at 6:00 PM for appetizers; the dinner & program begin at 6:45 PM. RSVP now:  

  • 2017 Year-End report

    Thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry! Click here to download or print.

  • Hope Beyond the Walls – 2017 Annual Banquet

    It is with much anticipation that we invite you to the annual Afterword Music / Inside Prison Ministries banquet, on Thursday, December 7th, at the Salvation Army Kroc Center. Hear the stories of how God is healing hearts beyond the prison walls! Mike Benson of “The Conquerors” will be the keynote

  • Janae’s Inside Report: Richard A Handlon Correctional Facility (03-25-17)

    “I have been fighting the urge to give my life to Christ for years, but today I knew it was time… I didn’t think I could be forgiven!” What a wonderful time we had at this concert in Ionia at the Richard Handlon Correctional Facility. Over 37 men came forward

  • Janae’s Inside Report: G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility (02-10-17)

    Tension and disruption, amidst a harvest! We sensed a tension in the air as the Warden, Deputy Warden, Chaplain, and six guards lined the walls of the gymnasium, standing military style for the concert at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility. In all our years of doing prison concerts we’d

  • Redeemed Concert-Auction Event 2016

    Redeemed Concert On December 1st 2016, please join us for an evening of fun, food, a silent auction and a mini-concert featuring Wayburn Dean’s newest prison-ministry focused album, “Redeemed”! Come and hear the good news of what God is doing, and take part in this fundraiser/auction for our work in the prisons. Hebrews 10:3

  • Janae’s Inside Report: Carson City Correctional Facility (07-16-16)

    A beautiful outdoor concert at Carson City It was great day in the sun as we had an amazing outdoor concert at Carson City Correctional Facility. The prison worship team “The Yard Band” opened up with a few songs. It was a joy to hear musicians from the prison sing and

  • Janae’s Inside Report: EC Brooks Correctional Facility (06-18-16)

    Music, donuts, and the life-changing message of hope in Jesus! What joy it was to bring in 400 donuts (provided by Marge’s Donut Den) and coffee to the men at Ernest C. Brooks on Father’s Day. The concert was excellent and so many men expressed their gratitude. We had many excellent