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YOU CAN HELP INSIDE PRISON MINISTRIES, an exciting prison ministry that, over the past 5 years, God has been leading Wayburn and Janae Dean toward.  The calling came, in part, when Wayburn was asked by the late Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship to lead worship and sing in several prisons he was going to be speaking in around Easter of 2010.  As Wayburn saw the power of Christian music melt the hearts of inmates, he knew God was calling him into a new phase of ministry.  Wayburn has been in music ministry for nearly 30 years, first as the lead singer of the popular group Acapella and for the past 15 years, as a solo artist who has gained recognition with seven songs peaking in the Top 10 on the national Christian radio charts published by Billboard Magazine.

Wayburn has traveled across the nation and around the world sharing his testimony and music that has impacted thousands of lives.  But this new calling into state and federal prisons has brought the need for a new way to support his music ministry.  “When I’m doing ministry at churches and concert halls around the nations, there are usually several income streams that help support our ministry,” shares Wayburn.  “These include an honorarium from the concert promoter, the sale of CDs and other merchandise and freewill offerings at certain events.  Obviously, none of these forms of financial support are available when we focus on prison ministry.”  We believe that God has called us and Inside Prison Ministries to step out in faith and believe that He will provide the needs of the ministry through the financial support of His people…people like you!

In Matthew 25, Jesus encourages us to visit those in prison.  Perhaps you are not able to physically do that but God has given you the resources to “visit” those in prison through Inside Prison Ministries through Christian Music.  When you financially support this ministry, you are a vital link in making it possible for the men and women behind bars to know that they are not forgotten and to be eternally impacted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We believe God is going to provide to successfully continue Inside Prison Ministries and we are asking for your prayers and financial gifts to make this happen!  Whether you can give $10 or $1,000, it will all have an impact.  You can give a one time gift or you can give a recurring gift.  Please prayerfully consider how God might use you to help support Inside Prison Ministries. 

PLEASE NOTE: Inside Prison Ministries is a program of Afterword Ministry, a non-profit 501(c).  All donations should be made to Afterword Ministry on behalf of Inside Prison Ministries. Donations are tax deductable.

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