Chapel at Cornerstone University (03-16-16)

“My dad has been in prison most of my life…”

On March 16th, Wayburn and Janae were given the special opportunity to speak at CornerstonWayburn and Janae at Cornerstonee University before the student body at their weekly chapel service. It was a joy to share what God is doing in prisons! The faculty and students heard impactful stories and Janae shared with everyone what a prison concert experience is like. The students seemed very intrigued and several wanted to participate and join us as volunteers.
Students and staff came afterward and thanked Wayburn & Janae for sharing. It was very encouraging to see the interest in prison ministry by so many young people. Janae shared from the voice of the prisoners, how they are seeking forgiveness for the crimes they’ve committed. A young lady came to her afterward in tears. Janae was moved to pray with her.

She told Janae that “when you began talking I tried my very best to tune you out.”  She explained, “I didn’t want to hear or believe what you were saying about men in prison giving their lives to Christ and becoming transformed.  You see my dad has been in prison most of my life and I still can’t forgive him. He had reach out to her last year but she would not respond. Now, after having heard what God is doing in prisons, she is going to reach out to him. She said, “It’s now time.”

Also, Janae and Wayburn were moved again as a blind student came up and said that he would like to join us as a volunteer. He felt that God was calling him to serve a purpose greater than himself and to give more of himself for the prisoners. What a lesson, to those of us who have all our faculties to heed the biblical exhortation in Hebrews 13:3 – “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison.

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