Over the past five years Wayburn Dean has been one of the most played independent artists on Christian radio with a string of 6 consecutive national Top 10 songs on the Billboard Christian radio charts.  That airplay has allowed Wayburn to develop strong relationships with programmers and Christian stations across the country. We will use what God has accomplished through Christian music to reach souls for Him.

The core vision for Inside Prison Ministries is to go into prisons, primarily in Michigan and across the country to share the hope and love of Jesus through the power of Christian music.

What does that look like and how do we believe God is going to make this ministry most effective?  We believe it’s through a partnership with supporting Christians and churches building on the strong support so many radio stations have already given Wayburn Dean’s music and ministry.  It also comes through a partnership with Prison Fellowship, the international prison ministry started by the late Chuck Colson.  We have been assured by the top leadership as Prison Fellowship that they will partner with us and assist us in opening the door to minister at several prisons across the country.

Another part of the vision for Inside Prison Ministries is to invite our friends, brothers and sisters into the prisons to experience the power of the message of Christ to the forgotten. We are also co-ambassadors with local organizations who are already involved in prison ministry and discipleship to follow up and assist those men who come to Christ during the concert.

Here’s what a typical weekend of prison ministry might look like as Inside Prison Ministries partners with Christian individuals and stations around the country.


  • On Friday evening, possibly partnering with a given radio station and or church, The Inside Prison Ministry team would go into a local state or federal prison and do a special ministry concert.  We are currently partnering with local churches and individuals who accompany Wayburn and Janae and experience first hand what God is doing.  For many, this will likely be the first time they will have entered a prison with a ministry and we’re pretty confident it won’t be the last!


  • Wayburn Dean would be available to any local churches who might want to have him come and minister in the Sunday morning or evening concert.

The goal of Inside Prison Ministries is to make it possible for Wayburn & Janae to go into an area through the partnership of a local Christian radio station and churches without the cost being a concern. We are asking you to help support Inside Prison Ministries through prayer, (James 5:16) and with your financial gift.  Click here to find out more about how you can donate to this ministry.  Please pray for Wayburn and Janae Dean and Inside Prison Ministries and that God will use them in a powerful way to bring the hope of Jesus to so many that have been forgotten!


To find out more about the vision for Inside Prison Ministries, get the inside story through this special video with Wayburn and Janae Dean.