Janae’s Inside Report: EC Brooks Correctional Facility (06-18-16)

Music, donuts, and the life-changing message of hope in Jesus!

What joy it was to bring in 400 donuts (provided by Marge’s Donut Den) and coffee to the men at Ernest C. Brooks on Father’s Day. The concert was excellent and so many men expressed their gratitude. We had many excellent volunteers join us for this prison ministry event where about 140 men were in attendance, and many prisoners came forward for prayer and to give their lives to Christ.

There was wonderful and fruitful fellowship, as we had opportunity to encourage the men. One man in particular, Adrian, was struggling with what he termed “the whole Christian thing.” He was not persuaded to come to Christ but promised he would pray about it, and try to learn more. We will follow-up with him to encourage him. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring the Gospel message!

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