Janae’s Inside Report: G. Robert Cotton Jackson Correctional Facility (01-16-16)

13 new brothers found “everything we need for life and godliness”

What a blessing it was to be at G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson on January 16th. This was our first opportunity to visit this particular prison.

The Warden is a wonderful man who likes to encourage the prisoners through positive programming. He had told the prisoners that if they maintained excellent behavior he would reward them with a Christian concert. They loved the idea and worked very hard toward receiving their reward. So, on January 16th of the new year, over 200 men were given the privilege of attending one of our concerts.

The Warden, Assistant Warden and a few other prison staff members were there to greet us with a warm welcome. Five of our faithful supporters and friends drove from Grand Rapids to join us.

Once again, Wayburn sang from his heart. The men loved it! They worshiped with every song, lifting their hands and giving praise to God. Janae spoke to the men and shared with them from 2 Peter 1:3, how God through His Word has given us everything we need to live a godly life. The men were very receptive, 13 men came forward to make a profession of faith. We were able to share with the men that God loved them enough to send His only Son to die that they might live. We also gathered their names so we can write them regularly and encourage them to continue following after Christ. The Warden and his assistant then treated us to dinner and thanked us for coming and delivering the word of God to the prisoners in Jackson. It was a wonderful day and well worth the drive to Jackson. The Warden promised he would have us back again…

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